Dear friends:


It is a true honor to organize, in representation of Spain, this 18th EMDR Europe Conference, which we will be celebrating from    June 30 to July 2, 2017 in Barcelona.


The title of the Conference speaks about the important developments in regards to what EMDR means for the psychotherapy of the 21st-century. EMDR has become a reality in our society, in our hospitals, and our health centers, and in our universities; many people are opening up to this psychotherapy.


We have all seen the growth and demand of EMDR in both the clinical and scientific fields, as well as the important role that EMDR Therapy is playing in the field of mental health.


We are celebrating this 18th Conference in a very special place: Barcelona, ​​a very cosmopolitan city, full of cultural and architectural charm. At the FIRA Conference Center in Montjuïc, our meeting point on June 30th, we will share many new developments on EMDR. Professionals from all over Europe and America will update us with their knowledge. In addition, we will have the opportunity to share other experiences from our own countries. I invite you to visit the webpage and check out the program. You'll like it!


And last, but not least, let us tell you that we also have prepared an extensive social program for you, which we hope will be in line with what we presented in Madrid in 2012, and which many of you I’m sure still remember.


We expect to see you in Barcelona!


Francisca García Guerrero

President of EMDR Spain

Chair of the Organization Committee


WELCOME EMDR Europe President


As President of EMDR Europe Association, it is a great honor for me to introduce the 18th EMDR European Conference.  EMDR therapy continues to make great progress and the number of EMDR Europe members has increased to around 20.000 by December 2016.


I am very much looking forward to the presentations and workshops that will take place: the general purpose of an EMDR European Conference is to provide opportunities for practitioners and researchers from all over Europe and the world to meet and discuss current research and clinical applications for a broad range of disorders, as well as provide an ideal international platform for practical clinical information exchange in trauma and related areas. During the Conference we will have the opportunity to witness how our expertise and resources keep growing for the benefit of the entire membership. We are achieving a high level of capacity in our clinical potential in the service of the most vulnerable members of our society.


The primary commitment of the EMDR Europe is to keep building capacities among our membership, implementing and promoting mental health within institutions, as well as delivering disaster interventions, while complying with criteria standards, scientific methodology and humanitarian principles as a common ground for the well-being amongst the most diverse populations.


EMDR therapy is increasingly being recognized by many health institutions as an effective treatment for several mental health issues. Also, humanitarian crises are increasing in number, scale and complexity: the emergency responses of the international EMDR community has been generous and effective in strengthening community resilience.


This year’s Conference will pursue our ongoing efforts in enhancing partnerships between researchers, our global network. Presenters will be sharing advanced clinical knowledge and innovations in the field of EMDR therapy.


Let us enjoy a fruitful International conference, in the spirit of professional growth, transforming trauma and knowledge-sharing.



Isabel Fernandez,

EMDR Europe President