Trainer and Consultant Day

Trainer & Consultant Day



Meetings will take place at:
Plaza de España 6-8
08014 Barcelona 


EMDR Europe Trainers’ Day

Thursday 29th June 2017


Teaching the basic EMDR training

Chair: Richard Mitchell



President’s address - Isabel Fernandez


Recent research and its implications for teaching the basic training

Presenters: Peter Liebermann and Ad de Jongh







The challenge of teaching basic training trainees to work with complex trauma and dissociation, while adhering to the AIP model. 

Three senior trainers will discuss models for teaching. 

Presenters: Kerstin Bergh Johannesson, Peter Liebermann and Bjørn Aasen


Panel discussion






EMDR Europe Consultant’s Day

Thursday 29th June 2017 



Training EMDR Therapists:  The Next Frontier

Presenters: Deany Laliotis & Isabel Fernandez



From 14:00 to 18:00 hrs


We have come a long way from EMD, a desensitization technique, to EMDR, an intervention, to EMDR Therapy, a comprehensive clinical approach. Similarly, our field has evolved in its understanding of trauma from PTSD to Complex Trauma, a spectrum of traumatic stress disorders frequently accompanied by addictions, dissociative disorders and other mental health issues.  We will review the latest updates in EMDR Therapy based on Shapiro’s upcoming revision of the basic text as well as the EMDR Institute’s Basic Training Curriculum, including advanced case conceptualization, clinical choice points and how to optimize the training experience for the beginning EMDR therapist.



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Further information:

(Trainers are required to attend at least three EMDR Europe trainers’ days every five years as part of their reaccreditation.)