Keep in mind

Documentation collection

June 30th from 3pm.




Once you have registered to the different sessions, your seat at the room will keep reserved 5 minutes after the beginning of the session.


Conference oficial language

The official language of the Conference will be English. The auditorium will count with simultaneus translation to: Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and Russian. 

Rooms 6 and 8 will have Spanish translation.

Consultant' Day will have consecutive translation into Spanish.



The presentation will be delivered to the Conference's audiovisual secretariat preferably the day before the lecture. The delivery time limit is 2 hours before your lecture.
Please note that personal computer presentations will not be accepted, they must be delivered on CD-ROM, DVD, or USB-disk.
In the Audiovisual Secretariat you will find computers and advice of the technicians to finalize their presentations.


Gala Dinner

Those who request to have a special menu for celiac and / or vegetarians or have any intolerance or allergy please notify the Technical Secretariat ( with a minimum of 15 before the Conference.

Xalet the Montjuic is 20 minutes walking from FIRA, there is escalators up to halfway. If you wish to take a bus, you will find a bus stop in front of FIRA, take nº 150. You might take a taxi as well.

After dinner we will have a party with music which includes: wine, beer and soft drinks. Any other consumption (whiskey, rum, gin, mojito, etc), will be on account of the consumer. The prices of these drinks are between 14 and 16.50 €



The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify any point of the program in the event of unforeseen circumstances.



All attendees will be provided with the presentations of the Conference.